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Why you should try to apply for the program?

Eligible winner can become American PR status holder for life. They can obtain the Green Card. After 5 years of living in the USA you are eligible to become US Citizen.

What does an American Green Card (LPR) allows you to do?

A Green Card gives a person the LEGAL RIGHT to:

What kind of assistance we offer?

  • We will get your details through the internet or postal mail.
  • We will get your paper photos by postal mail.
  • Then we will apply for you with your details and digital photo file.
  • When results are announced we will check your results and if you are selected as a winner, we will send you your winning package by courier.
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  • If you are a winner you are eligible to get one free air ticket from us through our winners' lottery.
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  • Our Service charge is just US$ 20

Why you must join us?
Because when you find out that you are a winner,
You will be required to make print out. As you don't have printer facility in your own home and printing it in the public places is a dangerous practice as the printing service provider too can get a copy of it..
As some internet cafe owners are crooks and they can get your vital information and can sale it to other people.